Starting a new job?

qanda“I’m starting a new job, what forms do I need to fill out?”

This a question I get asked a lot…and in part, the answer depends on the job itself as well as the employer.

You may have to review and sign an employment contract (which is always a good idea!), but as far as individual forms go, at the very least you can expect to receive and complete the following:

  • Tax File Number declaration – this form advises of your circumstances in regards to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) and dictates how much PAYG Withholding your employer must retain from your wages payment, a copy must also be sent by your employer to the ATO
  • Standard Choice Form – this is for superannuation and advises your employer where they should pay your superannuation contributions, be sure to read the form carefully and provide all of the supporting documentation
  • Personal details – this is not a prescribed form, but most employers will want some personal details such as address, bank details and emergency contact and in the absence of a formal employment contract it should clearly dictate your start date and the nature of your employment which is extremely important for calculating leave entitlements

Hope that answers your question!



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