Staff training for retention.

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????As a small business with staff, it can be difficult to compete with bigger corporations when it comes to salaries and wages.

But in relation to retaining staff, there are many other ways you, as a small business, can provide value to your employees as a way of keeping them satisfied!

Employees love to feel like they make a difference to your business, and they like to feel their contribution is appreciated – what better way to convey that message to them than by enhancing their skills with training.

I strongly encourage each employer to sit down with their employees at least annually and discuss the employees goals and aspirations, and set out a training schedule to benefit both the staff member and the business – a win-win situation if you like!

For tips on training and developing your staff, take a look at your State or Territory’s business organisation, here is the link for Business Victoria.

Let me know, how do you and your employees work out their training requirements and how does it benefit you?



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