Speak with Confidence!

corproate-logo-png1Business in Heels – South West Victoria is on the move to Camperdown for our next event!

I always wanted this group to be a true regional network, and holding this next event at Madden’s Commercial Hotel in Camperdown on 9th March, 2016 is definitely a step in the right direction!

We’ll be joined by vibrant coach, speaker, consultant and social entrepreneur – Prue Morrison!  Prue has worked with hundreds of business owners and professional women to help them reach their goals, and she’ll be joining us to help us “Speak with Confidence”

I read an article recently titled “Has your confidence done a runner?” – I’m not ashamed to say that this happens to me a lot!  As such, I’m always happy to take whatever help I can get in this area, and even if you think you’ll never get up on stage to present, speaking with confidence is a skill we can all use in our everyday lives.

We’ll also hear from local businesswomen Skye Munro from Nurturing Connections and Tania Rowan from Ultimate Functional Fitness – and as usual there’ll be heaps of prizes and fun and a take home goodie bag!

You can buy your tickets here – don’t forget to sign up as a Crystal Member to receive the discounted price…it’s FREE to join!



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