Sending your kids off to work!

familyOne minute you’re nursing them in your arms…the next they’re heading off to their first job!!

My cousin contacted me recently to share the news that her daughter had landed her first job!  Apart from being in denial at her baby girl growing up…she was interested to know, as a parent, what she should be aware of?

The first thing is to ensure your child has a Tax File Number (TFN) – many schools run a program where they assist students in completing their TFN application.  But if this program isn’t available at your school, or your child has not been involved in it, you can access the TFN application process here.  You’ll need to have some documents ready – there’s a long list but if you have a birth certificate and a Medicare Card that would be a great start!

Secondly, employers are not required to pay superannuation for children under the age of 18 unless they earn more than $450 in a calendar month and work more than 30 hours in a week, for a student in a casual job, this is unlikely.  However, an employer may still be required to give your child a Standard Choice Form for superannuation which should be completed and returned.

And thirdly, in regards to breaks while working and between shifts, you should refer to your State or Territory business department (such as Business Victoria).

On a personal note, I think the parent should introduce themselves to the employer or relevant manager, it’s important to know where your child will be spending time and what duties they’ll be performing and if there’s anything you can do at home to assist the child in making the transition to employment.

Over the next week or two we’re going to look at the TFN Declaration, Choice of Super Form and savings plans for children…so stay tuned!



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