School’s over…what’s next?

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????School’s practically over for another year, and year twelve students around the country are celebrating in style!

But what comes next?

I consider myself quite lucky – I always knew I wanted to be an accountant, and I knew I could live with my parents and study in my home town – too easy really!  But I imagine the decision is not always that simple…

While there is still some time until results are released, applications for University have been submitted, and I understand that some students have received early acceptance notifications pending their results – so congratulations to you!

But if things don’t go exactly as you plan…don’t despair, I promise you have options.

It’s well known that TAFE colleges have suffered dramatic cuts in funding, but they still have plenty of courses on offer, and these courses can be a great stepping stone to University, or the chance to try out a particular area of study before committing to a full degree!

There are also many Registered Training Organisations offering certificates and diplomas in every subject you can possibly think of – and Government funding might be available to you too!

My recommendation is to think about the areas that interest you, make some notes on the skills you need, and then search the internet to see what’s available – this advice is really for anyone, not just year twelve students…it’s never too late to study and 2015 might just be your year!

Anyone out there embarking on a course of study in 2015?



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