??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Preparing your resume – could there be a more daunting task?

For those of us who have been in the workforce for some time, it can be difficult to summarise your career, and for those of you just starting out…exactly how much information should you provide?

I think it’s a question of balance, ensuring you provide enough detail about yourself, your education and your experiences, while leaving the potential employer wanting more…enough that they will contact you for an interview.

One of the most important areas on a resume is that of references…

I’ve been contacted lately by some former students looking for career guidance or references, so I figured I’d turn the experience into a topic!

The days of written references are falling away.  In a time poor society, there aren’t many people who would make a dedication to writing a “proper reference”, besides, it doesn’t take long for the written reference to become out dated.

I prefer to include a list of references – but make them relevant!

The number of referees you include is a personal preference, I like three or four.  It’s recommended that you do not include family members or friends, unless you’ve worked closely with them, so who should you ask?

  • someone you have worked with (it doesn’t need to be your boss)
  • someone you’ve volunteered with
  • a customer or client you have dealt with regularly
  • a teacher or school principal (if you are a recent school leaver)
  • a prominent member of the community with whom you have a working relationship

Essentially, anyone who has seen you work in some capacity and is willing to speak in your favour!

On a side note, it is a courtesy to ask the potential referee first, a simple phone call or e-mail will suffice.

Hoping these tips help you in preparing your list of referees!



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