Planning…it is important!

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????I am a firm believer that planning, in all aspects of life, is important!

My friends and family can testify to my ongoing need to make lists and check them off!

Whether its a party, shopping, a holiday or a business to-do list…I love lists and I love seeing each line on a list crossed off – why?

As I cross off each line, it is proof that I have achieved something…and on some days that is really important to remind yourself.

Having said all of that, sometimes the wheels fall off my planning bandwagon – take for instance, right now…it is 10.15pm on Tuesday night as I prepare this blog post…probably doesn’t scream “good planning”!!

I figure I have a good excuse, I left home at 6.30am this morning and have been on the road ALL day – lucky for me I had some company, a driver, and a home cooked meal to return to…even so, I’m giving myself permission to cut myself some slack tonight, and I ask you to give yourself permission to do the same.

I guarantee I’ll be back in planning mode after a good night sleep and the first thing I do in the morning will be to write myself a list!

On that note…goodnight xo



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