PAYG Payment Summaries

The PAYG Payment Summary (or your Group Certificate as it used to be known and is still often referred to…) is a statement provided to you by your employer for the financial year.

It includes a summary of information relating to your employment with that employer only, so if you worked for more than one employer, you will receive more than one PAYG Payment Summary.

The primary details on the PAYG Payment Summary include:

  • your name
  • your address
  • your date of birth
  • your gross income and allowances received
  • any PAYG Withholding
  • the period of employment
  • the name and ABN of your employer
  • the signature of the authorised person

It may also include details of lump sum payments as well as deductions such as union fees or workplace giving.

If you haven’t yet received your PAYG Payment Summary, you are well within your rights to make a request to your employer (by law they should have been provided by 14th July!), but if you are unable to get a response (sadly this does happen), simply get in touch and I can help you out!


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