Partnering with Business in Heels!

corproate-logo-png1I’m so excited about the opportunities available through Business in Heels…

You may recall my recent announcement that I am the Branch Director of Business in Heels – South West Victoria (you can read about that here) – but it’s not just my business that will benefit from the events we hold – your business can benefit too!

Three of our most popular partnership opportunities are:

Event Speaking Partner

  • providing a fabulous opportunity to present your business to the wonderfully savvy women in the room at our event, and to our online sole sisters.  A first hand opportunity to make a short presentation on the night and display promotional materials will see your business concept reach an engaged audience in the most simple and cost effective way.

Door Prize Partner

  • by providing a door prize of significant value, you are providing the opportunity for one of our lovely attendees to experience your business first hand.  This can provide word of mouth and testimonial value that money simply cannot buy.

Goodie Bag Partner

  • sometimes you just want to get your goods and services “out there”…and our Goodie Bag is a fabulous opportunity to do just that!  Product samples, discount vouchers and offers or information fliers will be delivered directly into the hands of everyone who attends our event – too easy!

There are many additional benefits to these partnerships that can be discussed on an individual basis, so if you are interested please contact Bron Levett directly to discuss – you can use the Contact form or email: I look forward to hearing from you!



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