???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve had to say “Pardon?” in my life…take it from me, at times, being hearing impaired sucks!

As a “young” professional businesswoman, one of the things I detest doing is admitting I have a hearing impairment.¬† Don’t get me wrong, there’s no shame in having a hearing impairment…but for me, it’s almost invisible…so unless I make a point of it, few people around me would even know it exists.

Hearing Awareness Week 2014 has kicked off and runs through until next Saturday 30th August.

According to , hearing loss can be caused by hereditary conditions, infectious diseases, prolonged exposure to excessive noise or the effects of aging…and across the globe, 360 million people are affected. Plus, only 10-20% of those who might benefit from a hearing aid actually wear one!

Take a look at the Hearing Awareness Week website to find out What’s On this week, there’s also some fact sheets and resources your might find interesting.

If you find yourself employing or working with someone who is hearing impaired, Job Access has some great tools for workplace modification, and my key communication tips are:

  • speak clearly and loudly (without shouting)
  • avoid mumbling and covering your mouth when you speak
  • look at the person, and
  • eliminate background noise if possible

I thank you in advance for being considerate and patient




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