P is for Pashmina


Pashmina? “That’s a strange topic”…I hear you say!

It’s no secret to those who know me that I love to shop – for myself and for others!  I am “chief present buyer” (if there is such a title) in my family…and a resource to be used by family and friends…as I found out recently!

A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by a friend to see if I had a black pashmina she could borrow for a function – honestly, my black pashmina is starting to look a bit shabby (can you sense a shopping expedition coming up?) but I was able to e-mail her a link to one that would be suitable, the whole process took less than five minutes because I knew exactly what she needed and where she could find it! (here’s the link in case you are curious – great value and a great range of colours – I have four!)

That reminded me of another experience a few months back when a friend with two young children needed a “child proof” outfit for the races…in the space of two text messages I was able to ascertain what she would be comfortable wearing and point her in the direction of two local stores who had exactly what she needed in stock – easy peasy!

Both of these friends responded in a similar manner…”I just knew you were the right person to ask“…

Satisfaction at being able to help my friends with “non-accounting” type things…and justification for searching the internet and wandering through the shops on a regular basis…makes it all worth while!

Do you have any talents you are known for other than your “usual job”?