More for Secondary School students…

????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Secondary school for me seems like so long ago…20+ years in fact!

But when a friend recently sent me a meme via Facebook… “Things I never learned in high school”…I remembered that I didn’t actually learn these things either!

I can’t imagine what it must be like these days to transition from school to university or the workforce, or what it’s like to grow from being a teenager to an adult – there seems to be so much more going on in the world now than there was for me, and it actually makes me glad I’m already an adult (even if I don’t always act like one…?!)

The meme made mention of the following tasks:

  • how to do taxes
  • what taxes are
  • how to vote
  • how to write a resume/cover letter
  • anything to do with banking
  • how to apply for loans
  • how to buy a car or a house…

If you have a secondary school student in your family, I’d encourage you to talk to them about these things, and take a look at another initiative of the Australian Taxation Office called “Tax, Super + You”, you can find the link here.

It doesn’t address all the things listed above…but it’s a great place to start!



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