MoneySmart Week

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Spring has sprung…yay!

The days are starting to get lighter, the weather a little warmer…but what’s that? “A-choo”…of course, with the fun times of Spring also comes the not so fun…hay fever season…

But Spring and hay fever season are not the only things starting on 1st September this year…MoneySmart Week kicks off from today until 7th September.

MoneySmart Week is a not-for-profit initiative promoting the importance of financial literacy.

Financial literacy is a fancy name for knowing about money!  What is it, how to earn it, how to deal with it,…and MoneySmart week focuses on assisting Australians to take stock of their financial health.

Financial literacy is also the foundation upon which The Tax Chic was established – anyone who has spoken to me about my reasons for setting up The Tax Chic will know that I am passionate about education.

I want everyone, especially women, to take control of their financial situation…knowledge is power…and burying your head in the sand when it comes to money and finances, will get you no-where.

A timely reminder that if there are topics you’d like The Tax Chic to address, please complete the form on the Contact page.

Why don’t you make some time this week to look at your financial health..and read all about MoneySmart Week by clicking here.



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