MND Week 2017

If you’ve been following The Tax Chic for a while then you’ll know that I regularly share stories from my personal life and show support for causes close to my heart – the week is no different.

It’s MND Week in Australia – Motor Neurone Disease (MND) Week is held nationally in the first full week of May each year. During the week, State MND Associations work together to raise awareness and share the vision of a world without MND. It is also a time to acknowledge the MND community, especially people living with MND, and to remember those who have died.*

My Dad died when I was 10 years old after enduring the effects of Motor Neurone Disease – largely unknown back in the mid 1980s, MND has increased in awareness in recent times since AFL great, Neale Daniher was diagnosed. Neale and his ‘team’ have raised the profile along with millions of dollars to inject into research – it is so wonderful to see the progress researchers are now making yet also devastating to read and hear so many more stories of people just like my Dad.

The blue cornflower (as pictured) was adopted by MND Australia as the national symbol of hope for MND, because of its fragile appearance but hardy nature. Like the cornflower, people living with MND show remarkable strength in coping with a devastating disease.*

I suggest that the same is true of the family and friends of sufferers – watching someone you love deteriorate in body while staying strong of mind is something you never forget. The grief one feels at losing their loved one is compounded by the guilt of being able to do things they no longer can.

To find out more about MND, this background sheet is a fabulous summary, have a look.



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