May Race Week 2017

It’s a public holiday here in Warrnambool today (another one!), we have the Warrnambool Cup Day in lieu of Melbourne Cup Day, and for most of us this means we’ve had four weeks in a row with only four working days – I say most of us because I’m not actually taking today off!

Warrnambool’s three day May Racing Carnival is world famous (look it up here if you’re interested), and I love popping on a frock and fascinator, grabbing a glass of champagne and a race book and heading to the track, albeit usually in the surrounds of a marquee, safe from the unpredictable weather we have in these parts at this time of year.

This year though, I will be missing from trackside – I simply decided that I preferred to redirect my efforts to my business and training.  There are a number of Melbourne colleagues who I’ve been wanting a face to face meeting with of late (the internet is great but sometimes you just want to be in the same room), and since I need to be in Melbourne for more training this weekend, I saw an opportunity to travel to Melbourne during the day today, instead of driving at night (as I have done two times in the past week).

Tomorrow I get to see all my Melbourne people (well a few of them anyway) and I will be rewarded with having a productive day.

I’ve already answered the “Are you going to the races?” questions multiple times this week, and I know there will be many wondering where I am – well here you have it.

As a business owner it is important to network with your community, sometimes I do that at the local races, and sometimes I do that in Melbourne.  It’s tough being so popular (she says sarcastically…)

If you’re heading to the track today, take care, take a jacket and have fun (and please send pics)!


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