Lunching with Nicole Kidman

A couple of weeks ago, I got together with about 1500 of my closest friends at Palladium at Crown for a lunch with Hollywood star, Nicole Kidman.

The lunch was presented by Business Chicks.  I’d never been to one of their events before and would like to say ‘kudos’ to the organisers – with so many people in the room everything seemed to run very smooth.

Me being me, I scribbled a few notes during Nicole’s interview with Jess Rowe, here are my take-aways from the day, followed by my own comments:

  • If you promise something, be impeccable with your word (to me this resonates with if you say you are going to do something, then do it)
  • Embrace the power of connections (connections can create opportunity (like speaking to 1500 people in Nicole’s case), networking is paramount to building and fostering connections and this is why I love it!)
  • Choose activities to help you live your purpose (when you are true to your purpose you will shine)
  • Nicole has a passion for supporting first time film directors (I love how this encourages new comers, starting out can be a really difficult time)
  • Find courage by not overthinking things, you can always talk yourself out of doing something but remember you can get up again if you fall (yes, yes and yes!)
  • Losing a loved one can feel like losing your future (your future and the future you changes the moment you lose someone special, wether that is by death or other means, take some time to reflect and be gentle with yourself)
  • No matter how far out a goal seems, set your sights on things and amazing things can happen and out your hand up for things (I’m personally getting better at creating opportunities for myself, anyone can do it)
  • When an opportunity comes along, grab it even if it seems hard (hard is challenging, and challenging is rewarding, do it)

I hope you enjoyed these notes from my lunch, do any of them stand out for you? Let me know…



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