Little blue box…

It’s Frivolous Friday!

Last week I attended a 30th birthday celebration for a family friend and I was discussing “Tiffany” with the birthday boy’s sister (you know who you are, here’s your post on Tiffany…read carefully because I’ll be quizzing you!).

We’ve talked a lot about the “little blue box” in recent times, and I’m so happy that she has finally been for a visit…and found herself a little something special…

I remember preparing for my first visit to a Tiffany store, and being so nervous…thinking that the sales staff would just look at me like I didn’t belong there..thankfully that wasn’t the case!

Everyone I’ve dealt with has been helpful and accommodating…even the door man, while serious in his security role, is friendly if you offer a smile or “hello/goodbye” as you pass through his door.

I love bling, and feel very lucky that I’ve been able to accumulate a nice collection of blue boxes…but I also like to window shop and look at the sparkles.  The beauty of being a frequent visitor to the Collins Street store is that it’s located right next door to the Lindt café (but that’s a post for another Frivolous Friday…)

Please…can someone tell me a romantic Tiffany story…please?



2 thoughts on “Little blue box…

  1. Warnie

    Haha! So glad u mentioned the “T” word……my only regret was not arriving in the Tiffany pumpkin style coach, enjoying a flute of bubbly and nibbling on a statue of baby cheeses upstairs! But I guess… There’s always next time x


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