Let’s have a PARTY!

cropped-Tax-Return-PARTY-logo-white-orangeI went to a party on Monday night, and I’m going to another one this Sunday…a tax return party!

One of the great things about being a networker extraordinaire is meeting lovely people from across the country (and indeed the globe!) – and this week I had the chance to work with one of these lovely people.

Erin O’Brien is a time management coach based in Sydney, and the founder of the “Tax Return PARTY”.  The concept came about from Erin’s passion for creating solutions to annoying problems – and I was so pleased to be asked to be “Consulting Tax Counsel” on the call.

The format is a video based webinar with a bit of fun and then an “Action Power Hour”!  The Action Power Hour is divided into four 15 minute blocks of time, you set yourself a goal to achieve in relation to your paperwork or records and then get stuck into it.

I’m on hand to answer general tax and accounting questions (of course due to professional and ethical considerations I am unable to provide personal advice unless you are a client of mine) – yet some of the things I helped with on Monday included providing website links to areas of interest, assistance with Xero and tips on record keeping!

Tickets are available for this Sunday (31st July, 2016) from this link.

The Action Power Hour is a great concept – I was even able to set myself some 15 minute tasks and achieved them – very productive!



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