Large Corporate Tax Dodgers…

????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Here at The Tax Chic my focus is on sole traders and small business – I believe in working with those I know well…

But I recently read an article in my National Tax Accountants Association (NTAA) monthly magazine that referenced the ABC’s “ATO chief issues ‘enough is enough’ ultimatum to corporate tax dodgers” and I thought you might be interested to hear what they had to say?

The NTAA report that Australia’s Commissioner of Taxation has flagged a crackdown on multinationals, saying the ATO has run out of patience with six large corporations which have been avoiding tax.   These six corporations had been moved on to the ATO’s “high risk” list, and the ATO has written to another 60 companies demanding “they get their houses in order”.

I have no problem with anyone legally minimising their tax bill but these companies have been playing games for too long and I’m pleased to see the ATO cracking down on them!




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