Koh Samui…a touch of paradise…

IMG_0734As I mentioned in Wednesday’s blog post…I’ve been in Koh Samui…

Actually, by the time this post is published, I’ll have also called into Singapore and hopefully I will have just landed at Tullamarine Airport!

The sole purpose of this trip was to celebrate the wedding of our good friends A and T – we had a lovely day and I hope they did too!

The attached picture was the view from my futon overlooking the pool and the sea, and a stones throw from the poolside bar – doesn’t get much better than this!

Despite there being plenty of activities to do around Koh Samui, with my 5 month old niece in tow, we decided to stay pretty close to our resort, Anantara Lawana Resort and Spa – we ventured into town for some shopping and played some golf nearby – but just soaking up the sun and the warmth was enough after our very long and very cold Victorian winter!

I’ll be sure to post some pictures of Singapore to my Facebook page for you to see…

Now I better get back to work – thankyou to my clients for your patience while I’ve been away!



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