Job applications!

checklistIn 2014, Job Mobility Australia released the following statement:

Australia’s job mobility is a long way from job for life- in fact it’s closer to three jobs per decade!

Today the national average tenure in a job is 3.3 years (3 years and 4 months), based on voluntary turnover of around 15% per annum.

Which means at some stage most of us are going to have to apply for a job – and I have been asked numerous times exactly how to go about this?  My answer is always based on firm guidelines teamed with flexibility based on the proposed employer (clear as mud?)

My firm guidelines relate to:

  • having a clear and concise resume including being honest – even in an online submission you are declaring the information is accurate
  • always print on plain paper using a clear font (unless handwritten is requested)
  • ask referees permission before including them on a resume and keep them up to date with the applications you have made so they know who might be calling them
  • regularly collect information about yourself and collate in an accessible format (awards, achievements and articles etc)

The flexibility comes into play:

  • lodgement of application may be by mail, e-mail or face to face depending on what is requested
  • follow the exact instructions from the proposed employer
  • allow your personality to shine through (if this means you don’t get the job, it wasn’t the right one for you anyway)

Finally, it’s always worth having someone you trust look over your application to check for spelling errors and anything else that might stand out.

Good luck!



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