It’s nearly Christmas…

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????That’s right, in case you hadn’t realised…it’s nearly Christmas!

In fact, most workplaces have only two working weeks to go…and many will be closed for an extended break over the Christmas and New Year period.

So why I am stating the obvious?  Because I want you to stop and consider a  few things, just for a moment:


  • do you have any equipment in need of repair?
  • is your car due for a service?
  • do you need to order something special for a gift?

Now is the time to book these things in or finalise your orders…or you may miss out!

One final thing I like to consider is any bills due for payment – the next few weeks are usually very busy for everyone, so make sure you schedule these payments so you don’t forget!

Now, how many sleeps until Santa comes??



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