Is it time to re-evaluate?

Is it time to re-evaluate your career, or your business or perhaps your goals?

Every now and then it is a great idea to take stock of where you are in your career or your business or in relation to your goals and I encourage this practice whole-heartedly.

We need to regularly review in order to make adjustments (if required) and to set new targets as we move forward – there’s no fun in standing still.

So, what holds us back from aiming high and really going for change?  Usually it is fear…does this resonate with you?

Yesterday I had lunch with Nicole Kidman (the real one – of course I wasn’t the only one there, I shared lunch with about 1500 of my closest friends and I’ll share more about this event at a later stage), but one of the comments Nicole made was “Find courage by not over-thinking things as you can always talk yourself out of doing something.  If you try and it doesn’t work, you can always get back up”

Let’s stop over-thinking things, let’s talk ourselves into trying and let’s help each other to get back up if we fall.


2 thoughts on “Is it time to re-evaluate?

  1. Marion Truman

    Love this post, Bronwyn, and so true, particularly for soloists!
    PS Would be good to catch up


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