Is it the weekend yet?

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????That’s right, I’m sitting here reflecting on what has been a rather busy week for The Tax Chic…

I’ve had an unfortunate time as far as my scheduling goes this week – apart from working everyday (as you do…), and taking my two early morning fitness classes (at least I get some exercise right?) – I’ve had a function or client every single night!

This is certainly not the norm for me, but check out my week:

Monday night saw me at a board meeting – it is so wonderful to see our Hospice in the Home project taking shape (you can read my prior post on this topic here)

Tuesday night I met with new clients – I love being able to see clients in their home at a time that suits them, it really does make things easier all round!

Wednesday I travelled to Geelong to see clients and attend a Business In Heels event that night – I loved being in this room full of inspiring and inspired women…I just wasn’t a fan of the late night drive home!

Thursday night I met with some colleagues to discuss policies and procedures, and I finished the night having a bite to eat with my family – I honestly hadn’t seen them all week!

Today I’ll be on the road again, heading to Melbourne for a meeting today and a conference tomorrow – lucky for me I get to spend time tonight with my good friends J &P!

When I see my week written down like this, it’s no wonder I’m feeling sleepy as I write this??   Maybe I’ll have a rest on Sunday…maybe, maybe not?



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