Invoicing with Xero

xero-certified-advisor-logo-hires-RGBLike most computerised accounting systems, Xero offers its users the opportunity to create invoices for customers…nothing new there…

But, one of the great features of Xero is being able e-mail your invoices to your customers!

The added bonus is that this process is as easy as entering the e-mail address of the customer in their record, there’s no complex e-mail system set up, and you can even send yourself a copy as well.

Xero allows you to work smarter with online invoicing software.

You can create professional looking invoices including your own personal brand or logo using the templates provided, or by customising your own.

Other features are recurring invoices, scheduling bill payments to match your expected cashflow and sending invoices to groups of customers – all with the click of a button (or the touch of your screen if you’re working on your tablet or smartphone!)…

…that’s right, you can even send invoices from your tablet or smartphone while you’re out and about!

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