Investing in your education…

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????As a business owner, do many of you bother to invest in your education?  Do you make it a priority? Or do you simply not find the time?

Many of us have had to do some type of formal training to get to where we are today…and it’s no secret that some of us have professional membership requirements of continuing professional education that must be satisfied – but if you aren’t required to do any further education…do you bother?

If you do get out and partake in some education and training, does it have a direct link to your occupation, or do you look for education tools regarding your role as a business manager or ways to improve your business that might not be your speciality?

I’m an information junkie…I’m happy to listen to anyone who is an expert in a field I am not an expert in, in the hope that I can tap into the way their brain works and see if I might be able to implement a piece of their knowledge in my business!

Due to my junkie status, I attended an education event in Melbourne over the weekend…it was focussed on the use of technology and marketing in small businesses and I found I learnt a lot and actually gained some confidence to try a few different tools that I might have otherwise put in the “too hard basket”!

The bonus, especially at the tax planning stage of the year, is that the cost of the event and my associated travel expenses, as well as the cost of any initiatives I decide to implement are all tax deductible!

Let me know your thoughts on investing in your education…



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