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The Tax Chic resides in Australia.  All taxation content applies to Australian Taxation Law current at the time of publication.


Material published by The Tax Chic is intended to provide general information only and is a summary of the topic, current at the time of original publication.  The content does not constitute advice in any form and should not be relied upon as such.

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By providing information for the completion of your income tax return and/or financial statements, or requesting advice with specific reference to your circumstances, you agree that you engage The Tax Chic to perform such services in a timely manner and you agree to pay all fair and reasonable charges* as and when they fall due.

Should the need to engage a debt collection service arise, all associated fees will be payable by you and your initial invoice will be amended accordingly.

The Tax Chic reserves the right to apply a late payment fee of up to 20% on accounts more than 7 days overdue.

*Current hourly rate for professional services is $330 incl GST

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