I’m ready for “The Woz”

When we see the Apple Inc logo we often think of Steve Jobs, but this week I’m thinking about Steve Wozniak (AKA The Woz) who was the co-founder of Apple Inc!

Steve is speaking at the Pivot Summit in Geelong tomorrow and I am proud to be an event volunteer – how exciting?

The Pivot Summit is a one day event providing insights into emerging technology (you can read about it here) and when I first found out about it I was surprised at the talent speaking at an event so close to home.

When you decide to play in a space that is new to you (like me and tech!), it’s ever so important to absorb all the information you can, to put yourself in situations where you can learn and meet people, and to take these opportunities when they arise.

Have you ever volunteered at an event so you could get close to the action? Tell me about it…


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