I’m 40 – thankyou…

???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????I know “Frivolous Wednesday” doesn’t quite sound right…but here it is anyway!

I’ve recently seen a few comments on social media from others saying they are tired of seeing “#blessed” on various posts…well to any of you reading this – I am sorry, but today I am feeling #blessed!

Yesterday I celebrated my 40th birthday – hard to believe I know!!

Here’s some background for you…I was actually born on my Mum’s 28th birthday, and it was always a special time for us as I was growing up.

Sadly my Mum passed away in June 2000, and since then I have found I have a particularly difficult time around early December – I can never quite work out if I want to party and celebrate or stay home and cry…

I can honestly say I had the most wonderful day yesterday – I celebrated with family and friends – old and new – close and from afar…and I am truly grateful.

All of you who passed on birthday greetings via social media, texts and phone calls or visits with cake, flowers and gifts, have reminded me just how loved I am – and it’s a very special feeling!

So thankyou to everyone – and happy birthday Mum xo



4 thoughts on “I’m 40 – thankyou…

  1. Ros Pretlove

    How lovely to read this post, Bron. Significant birthdays have their challenges for some, but this one seems to have energized and delighted you – and you deserve that so much! Glad it was such a memorable day.


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