Hot tips for individuals at EOFY Part 2

hot tips

Welcome to Part 2 with more hot tips for individuals…

Many of you travel along nicely all year without giving much thought to the following points…and that’s perfectly fine – but the end of the financial year is a great opportunity to check in with these areas of your life and finances, and perhaps make a few changes to ensure you are on track!

Today’s hot tips are:

  1. Review your insurances – particularly those protecting your income and your livelihood, but also those relating to your assets.
  2. Is your superannuation lining up to meet your goals? Check in with your superannuation fund and your investment strategy, also ensure all of your contributions have been deposited to your account.
  3. Take stock of your career goals – are you happy? Are you where you want to be? What can you do to help yourself?
  4. Whether it’s a rethink of your career goals as per the above point, or just in general, is there some training you need to undertake to enhance your skills or advance your career?  Many Universities and TAFE colleges have a mid-year intake, and there are an abundance of online courses which can be started at any time.
  5. Do you have a personal or household budget? Now is a great time to prepare a budget for the next financial year and keep yourself accountable, especially if you have a savings goal in mind!

So…if you’re impressed by these hot tips and you’re keen to have The Tax Chic prepare your 2015 tax return…complete the contact form, or keep an eye out for the next post to find out more about the process!



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