Hot tips for business at EOFY Part 2

hot tipsContinuing on from our earlier post “Hot tips for business at EOFY Part 1“, here is Part 2!

Over the course of the two posts, I’ll be providing a total of 10 hot tips – if you implement two of these each week for the next five weeks, you’ll have everything sorted by mid-July…just be sure to prioritise the ones that NEED to happen before 30th June!

Today’s hot tips for business are:

  1. Update your business and marketing plans…or create one if you don’t have one
  2. Review your business structure to ensure it meets your needs, take a look at our previous series here
  3. Have a look at your business and personal insurances – if you need help with this, contact me and I’ll send you a referral
  4. Ensure you backup your files – both on your hard drive and to an external source such as an external hard drive or USB (and keep them safe)
  5. Check you have the correct details of your employee – this will ensure your end of year payroll processing will run smoothly

Let me know how you go with these!




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