Home, sweet home!

????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Ah yes, home sweet home – as you read this I have hopefully just arrived home and am snuggled into my bed for a snooze…(let’s hope!)

As much as I love travel and exploring new places and meeting new people, it’s always nice to come home to familiar sights and sounds and of course to hug the people you are close to.

This trip was another way for me to push myself outside my comfort zone – you know they say “that’s where the magic happens”…?

I was a hearing impaired traveller, out and about on my own, trying new things and I am very grateful I had the chance to do so – I can’t wait to put everything I learned into action!

And if you know how I operate, you’ll know I’m about to throw that challenge out to you – there’s still time to move out of your comfort zone in 2015, if you need a hand (or a push or a shove…) just let me know!

PS It’s back to the office for me on Monday, apologies in advance if I’m a little slow…



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