Hitting the road

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????It’s “Frivolous Friday”!

One of the great things about being The Tax Chic is that I get to jump in my cool little car and hit the road!  Often travelling the roads of country Victoria, I regularly find myself in Melbourne to attend training or visit clients.

With this comes finding a place to stay…I have my favourites around town (you’ll probably see me write about them from time to time), but usually I think about where I need to be, do I need to use my car and of course…how much is this going to cost me??

Last night I discovered The Como Melbourne on Chapel Street…I was greeted at the front door by smiling faces who made me coffee as I checked in.  In my room (which is big enough to kick a football in), I instantly felt relaxed…a king sized bed, a beautiful sized bathroom and a separate office area (which allowed me to write this post without feeling like I was in my bedroom)…really does make all the difference!

I had a discussion about camping (as in…the bush…) with some friends recently who joked “Bron only camps out under 5 stars…!”, not always the case, but definitely the case last night!

If you regularly travel for work, keep an eye out for our upcoming post regarding travel allowances!



Note: this post is not sponsored by The Como Melbourne and is not an endorsement of The Como Melbourne, it is simply my opinion.

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