Forms for new employees

???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????There are a number of things you need to consider when you are employing staff, but today we’re going to look at two very important forms.

For each new employee, there is specific information you need to have on record in order to meet your obligations towards payment of wages, withholding of income tax and payment of superannuation.

The very first thing I instruct my clients to do is to provide new employees with a TFN Declaration and a Choice of Superannuation form – without these, you simply cannot do everything you need!

You can find details of the TFN Declaration here, and you can usually pick up hard copies from most newsagents.  Many superannuation funds have a prefilled Choice of Superannuation Fund Form, but there is also a blank copy on the ATO website here.

You should add these to a checklist…has anyone done a checklist for employing staff?




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