Food Allergy Week 2015

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????It seems I am on a roll with health related “Frivolous Fridays”…so here’s another one…and one that has recently become important to me personally.

Next week is Food Allergy Week.  Food allergies are becoming more prevalent in our society and Australia has one of the highest food allergy rates in the world!

It is not uncommon for babies to be born with food allergies, but I have recently learned that allergies can develop in adults – and it is extremely unpleasant…

As a first aid trainer I am fully aware of how serious allergic reactions can be – and while many can be life threatening, it is also important to be aware that not all allergies cause an anaphylactic reaction.

I am currently undergoing tests for food related allergies (in fact, if anyone knows of a fabulous allergy specialist for adults…please forward their details to me) – and for the past three weeks I have been attempting to live free of wheat, nuts and corn…this is not as easy as it might seem!

So next week, I hope you will all consider your friends and family who may be living with a food allergy.  There are plenty of ways you can raise awareness and be involved – just check out the website for more information!



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