First Aid

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????If you’ve read about Who is The Tax Chic, then you’ll be aware that I have completed my Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.

Doing that course was part of my plan to “do something different”…to take my accounting and business knowledge and experience, and pass it onto the next generation of accountants!  Little did I know that it would also lead me here…

Upon completion of the course, and with the knowledge that I was also a fitness instructor, my teacher approached me to take on the training and assessing of their First Aid courses…this is something that never crossed my mind…but intrigued me at the same time as I’d only ever seen myself using this qualification in a “business sense”.

First Aid is a terrific skill that anyone can acquire, remember you don’t need to be a medical professional or a paramedic…look at me, I’m an accountant!

My classes are usually full of participants doing the training for work and study related purposes, but that’s not a requirement…anyone can participate, and I encourage everyone reading this to enrol in a course…even the most basic first aid skills may save a life!

At the very least, jump on the internet and enter the term “DRSABCD” into your search engine and do some reading…you might be inspired or at least learn a thing or two…

If you’re interested in attending a First Aid course with me as your trainer, drop me a line through the Contact Us page and I’ll be in touch.



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