Everyone is stressed…

relaxstressHave you noticed how stressed everyone is?

I’m usually one of those super organised people who have their shopping finished in November, but not this year – I managed to complete most of my Christmas shopping over the weekend, and I was rather relaxed about it all…and I think that’s because I’ve just decided that what will be will be…

But for others, I couldn’t help notice that many people were rushing and tearing about in a frenzy…so I thought I’d share a few tips for you that always help me get through the silly season:

  • if you only have a few days left at work before you take a break, just remember that everything will be waiting for you when you get back!  I completely understand that deadlines are a part of life, but take a look at the things that REALLY need doing before the end of Thursday and prioritise those
  • in most cases the shops are closed for only one day, yes…one day – there’s no need to buy the supermarket out of food, save some for Boxing Day!
  • once the flurry of celebrations is over and you stop, you’re going to need sleep…try to creep up on a few extra hours this week.  Perhaps head to bed one hour earlier each night, it WILL make a difference!
  • you can wrap that Christmas present in plain paper, I promise the person on the receiving end will not be worried about the paper; and
  • remember to breathe…

Gee I hope that helps!



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