Employee rewards

As an employer, we all know that we must pay our staff their agreed salary or wages according to awards and contracts.

But what about other rewards?

These days, as our lives are full and busy with many and varied activities, it is often the rewards outside remuneration that keep staff happy and motivated and in turn loyal to their employer.

Obviously I have a great boss!  Her financial remuneration could do with a boost but the other rewards she provides me are great (ha ha…I am totes funny)!

Seriously though – in my family business we try to provide rewards to our staff to foster an environment in which they feel valued, these include shouting mid-morning coffee or lunch occasionally, closing the doors at 5pm sharp (no overtime other than being on call for the 24 hour emergency roadside service we provide) and a bonus day off at the end of their two weeks on call.  We operate a family friendly business and if the kids need to come and sit in the TV/waiting room after school, or you need to take a personal phone call or duck out to buy a birthday present, then that is OK.

Some other rewards you can provide range from special treats in the tearoom, providing magazines and books for the reading pleasure of staff, or the occasional long lunch through to relevant technical or personal development training or coaching or even extravagant after hours parties and social events.

Tell me some of the rewards you provide your staff.  If you are an employee, what are some rewards your employer provides to you?


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