Donations and The Good Friday Appeal

GFAOne of my favourite days of the year is Good Friday – from a young age I was involved with family friends in rattling tins at traffic lights and going door-to-door collecting donations on behalf of the Royal Children’s Hospital Good Friday Appeal and in more recent years I’ve bunkered down to help count the dollars and cents!

These days I tend to spend Good Friday with my family and I choose to make a financial contribution to the cause – this year I’m also participating (as I have done a number of times) in the Run for the Kids fundraising run this Sunday 20th March! (I think I’ll be doing more walking than running but that’s not the point)…

Watching these kids endure such struggle in their young lives truly breaks my heart, and I hope you will join me in supporting this years Good Friday Appeal – if you’d like to make a donation to this years appeal, follow this link.

(NOTE: Your donation may be tax deductible!)



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