Do you love your job?

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????I don’t want to get all mushy on you…but I really love my job!

Over the past few days I’ve been contacted by a number of new/potential new clients…all from different locations, with different backgrounds, and different needs – the variety (even in accounting), is truly rewarding…and I’m the happiest I think I have ever been in my career!

There have been many reports over the years linking job satisfaction with health – with many believing that unnecessary stress at work can have a negative impact on our health and general wellbeing, including our relationships with family and friends (by the way…I am one of the many).

The Sydney Morning Herald recently published an article ” Three ways to improve employee satisfaction” where they highlighted the following:

  • reward employees according to their contribution
  • provide career progression and training opportunities
  • offer a flexible work environment

If you are an employer, perhaps you might consider these suggestions when reviewing your workforce – and for employees, don’t be afraid to approach your employer to discuss them also!

I also find that the old adage of needing a “work/life balance” to be all too true – I’m a strong advocate for this balance to include community participation as well as social relaxation.

Personally I like to mix things up a bit in my working life by teaching both aerobics and first aid, just to do something totally different from accounting, while volunteering and getting involved in the community are great ways to give back and still feel productive.

Of course those of you who’ve spent any time with me will know my social relaxation often includes a great cup of coffee!

So, do you love your job? Let me know…



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