Do you have kids in secondary school?

????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Do they have a Tax File Number (TFN) yet?

It doesn’t take long for the years to go by and for kids to progress from receiving pocket money to having jobs of their own…as soon as they start working, they need a TFN.

If your school is part of the Secondary School TFN Program with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO), then I highly encourage you and your teenager to utilise the service to apply for a TFN.

The Secondary School TFN Program is the easiest way for secondary school students to apply for a TFN, as it removes the requirement for sending off original documentation as proof of identity since this can be confirmed via the school’s records.

To check if your school is part of the program you can ask the careers advisor or office staff, if they are unsure, or if your school would like to be involved, simply contact the Community Education and Assistance area of the ATO by phoning 13 28 69 (Monday to Friday).



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