Do you have an active mind?

As an accountant, people often say to me, “you must be good with numbers”…

Well, yes I am!

But there is so much more to accounting than numbers.

Accounting is problem solving and strategy, and it’s being comfortable with having to find alternative pathways to get to the destination – I love numbers, but I really love this part too.

So with much of my days taken up with this kind of work, it may come as a surprise that in the evening and on weekends, I often find myself playing puzzle games on my phone and iPad – but rather than call them puzzles, can we agree on calling them brain exercises?

Which leads me to the title question – do you have an active mind?

If you also do brain exercises on weekends, tell me in the comments (and it’s perfectly OK if these are puzzle games, in fact I’m always looking for new ones so please share if you like)


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