Do you celebrate your achievements?

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????I spent part of yesterday afternoon glued to the television watching the grand final of the 2014 ANZ Championship (netball…for anyone not in the know!)

The Melbourne Vixens defeated the Queensland Firebirds to claim the championship trophy…and I’m sure everyone who was part of the victory is in celebration mode today!

It got me thinking…do you celebrate your achievements?  Often when we think of achievements we refer to winning sports trophies and the like…but what about personal achievements, business achievements and career achievements?

Whether it’s completing a fitness event, passing a subject you are studying, securing a new client or customer in your business or getting that promotion you’ve had your eye on…celebrating the steps it takes you to get there can often be the catalyst for greater motivation!

I for one am big on celebration…there is absolutely nothing wrong with being proud of the things you’ve done…and I quite often “reward” myself for achieving the little goals.

I encourage each of you to have a look at the different aspects of your life and be sure to celebrate your achievements…my question to you is, do you celebrate your achievements?  If so, how?



2 thoughts on “Do you celebrate your achievements?

    1. The Tax Chic Post author

      It’s a while since I’ve done that…perhaps I should take my own advice and look for an achievement to celebrate!?


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