Consumer Confidence at Christmas (2014)

???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????I refuse to count the number of days until Christmas…I’m simply not ready this year!  (Anyone who knows me is likely to be very surprised by that statement…)

In fact, the way I’m feeling right now is probably going to result in a mad dash to complete my Christmas shopping in the final days…so my question to you is – are you prepared?

It has been well documented in the media this week that consumer confidence is at an all time low.

Some of the facts reported include:

  • that the Consumer Sentiment Index (being the way shoppers feel about spending) has fallen 5.5 points
  • due to our economic outlook, the mood of consumers has decreased as people fear for their job security
  • the number of shoppers who think it is the right time to buy household appliances has dropped by almost 12%
  • many consumers believe unemployment rates will rise next year, so they are keeping their purse strings tight

So has any of this impacted on your Christmas spending or is it business as usual in your household?  What about the retailers reading this – have you seen this trend?

I know that Christmastime can be particularly draining in a financial sense for many in our community, and I consider myself lucky to have the resources to enjoy Christmas.

My lack of planning this year may see me spend slightly more or slightly less than usual, but the result will be due to circumstances rather than my consumer confidence – in any event I will ensure that I make a contribution to those less fortunate, as I do every year – because everyone deserves to experience the joy of Christmas.



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