????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????When I think of comfort, I think of a plush couch, cushions, a warm blanket and my drink of choice…but that’s not the type of comfort I want to discuss today.

I’ve always felt it is important to feel comfortable with your advisor and to be able to trust that they will do the right thing by you.

Just like you look to a health professional, personal trainer and a hairdresser who are on the same page as you…your financial and legal advisors should be no different.

Throughout my career I’ve developed some wonderfully trusting relationships with my clients, and I want to look after them like they are my family and friends…of course all while maintaining a professional position.

I had a discussion this week with a new business owner who was feeling a little anxious about some advice she had received…like she felt the need to “double check” the information she was given.

This is not how it should be – I am in no way suggesting that you take all advice on face value, I believe a trusted adviser will:

Walk – Solve – Implement – Check

Walk with you through your queries and ensure they are answering the questions you want answered

Help you solve your problems and provide meaningful explanations to go with the solution

While your advisor cannot make decisions for you, they can assist in implementing the decisions you’ve made following the “walk” and “solve” processes

Take the time to review the implementation with you to check if the desired outcome is achieved

I hope that everyone reading this is in a comfortable and trusted relationship with their advisor, if not, perhaps it’s time for a review!



PS This is not me in the picture…but I love the look of the blanket!

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