Christmas shopping 2106

I feel I should pre-face this post by stating the obvious – if you’re just starting your Christmas shopping now…you don’t have much time!

Over the years I’ve gone from being an absolute organised Christmas shopper with all gifts wrapped and under the tree by now, to someone who doesn’t mind leaving things to the last couple of weeks (I did say weeks and not days…)

These days there’s so much pressure from each direction to give as much as you can and to get your gift absolutely right, all while being ethical.

Given that, here are my “rules”:

– shop local when you can but realise there will be times when you can’t pass up a bargain or can’t make it to the shops during office hours, or you simply can’t get what you need and as such online shopping is perfectly OK

– giving gift vouchers to someone who is difficult to buy for is also perfectly OK, they can get what they need and you know you haven’t wasted your money

– if you can’t donate money to charity, try and volunteer time, likewise if you can’t volunteer time to charity, try and donate money – either way every little bit counts

At the end of the day I’m happy with anything that alleviates, or at least doesn’t add to, the stress of the festive season, there’s really no need for that!

Look after yourselves out there…


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