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Conscious HypnosisHave you heard my latest news?  I am now a Certified Conscious Hypnosis Consultant!

Now before you think I’m out to make you cluck like a chicken…that’s not what this is about.

Conscious hypnosis is a science; a science of communication, observation and mastering of states, with the purpose of changing the brain.

To be great we must install great habits, but what happens when the thoughts we have limit how great we are?  In business we all want to succeed, and we must lease great strategies and install great habits to do so, and I can help!

The roadblocks of business that can be overcome with the use of conscious hypnosis are many and varied, and include:

  • procrastination
  • public speaking
  • confidence
  • stress relief

Imagine if you could rid yourself of one of these?  How would it feel?  How would your life be improved?  As a member of the International Conscious Hypnosis and NLP Society, I guarantee I will look after you.

Interested?  Contact me now!



A – Z Blogging Challenge – Reflection

A-to-Z Reflection [2014]

I will always remember April 2014 as the month I was introduced to the blogosphere…not only my first A – Z Blogging Challenge, but also my first blog post!

So…how did I do?

Did you accomplish your goals? – Yes I did!  My goal was to get my hands on the A – Z Blogging Challenge Survivor Badge…done!

Did you post every day? – Yes I did!  A bit of forward planning goes a long way…

Did you make new friends? – Yes I did!  So excited to chat with bloggers from across the globe and here in Australia!

Did you enjoy the Challenge? – Yes I did!  I’m actually surprised at how quickly the days went by and how easy it was to prepare a topic for each letter…

Big congratulations to all the participants who made it through, you can check out some of the other blogs by looking here.

Special thanks to the team who established and monitor the A – Z Blogging Challenge…that in itself is a mammoth task!  And thanks also to YOU…my readers…xoxo

So tell me…how did I do?



A-Z Blogging Challenge – Summary

survivor-atoz [2014]The amazing team who established and monitor the annual A-Z Blogging Challenge have asked us to prepare a reflections post in the coming days…so I’ll hold off on this for a moment…

But until then…if you missed a post, you can have a look in the April archives or follow the links below…I still can’t believe I covered all of these topics in the space of one month!

A is for Accountant

B is for Business

C is for Calculator Continue reading

Z is for Zzzzzz

ZYes, Z is for Zzzzzz…as in sleep!

I love sleep…who doesn’t? Like many of us, I often don’t get enough…I’m certainly guilty of burning the candle at both ends!

There’s nothing worse than feeling too tired to do things you like to do and as I get older, I’ve come to know there are some very good reasons for getting a good night sleep, some of these are:

  • Safety – not only your safety, but the safety of others is compromised when you are suffering from lack of sleep…accidents can happen and mistakes can be made – is it worth the risk?
  • Maintaining a healthy weight – sleep deprivation alters our hormone levels and affects our appetite, is it just me, or does it always seems so much harder to prepare and eat healthy food when you are tired?
  • Memory and Brain Function – sleeps helps the brain retain new information, which is imperative in today’s fast paced world…especially when you work in an occupation that requires you to use your brain!
  • Mood – sleep loss can cause impatience, inability to concentrate, moodiness and irritability…that’s simply no fun at all!

I’ll be looking for a good night sleep tonight…I’m off to help a good friend celebrate her 40th birthday today…let’s do it!