Business Start Up

????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????I’ve always been a fan of planning…whenever I can!  Come away with me for a weekend and you’ll find I’m not kidding…I hate wasting time “deciding what to do”…and in business I’m not too keen on “just seeing where things end up”…I like to have a plan!

That’s not to say I can’t “go with the flow” when needed, but I believe that proper planning is business is paramount.

I’ve been lucky enough to discuss this exact topic with two new clients in the past week:

Case 1: this business was established a few months ago, and took off in an extraordinary manner!  So much so, that the owner was able to implement her sales system…but is yet to find the time to establish a good system to records payments…hence her contact with The Tax Chic!

Case 2: this business is in the process of being established with a likely launch date of August this year.  The owner of this new business is getting in on the front foot…she wants to know everything she needs to establish herself and have good procedures in place from the get go!

I thank these two women for putting their trust in The Tax Chic and Our Partner LMB Consulting…and I am very much looking forward to working with these business savvy women, assisting them to move their businesses forward and helping them “Connect with Numbers”!



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