Bula…from Fiji

IMG_0496.JPGIt’s “Frivolous Friday” and I don’t want to brag or anything…but this has been my morning view for the past few days…bliss!

I’ve got the family with me and we’re having a little break from our normal day to day business activities, and taking in the delights of beautiful Fiji.

I’ve not got much to report, but so far we’ve had a drink by the beach, a drink by the pool, a drink in the pool…and another drink by the pool…I think you get my drift!  However, we did take a beak from the water to drive over to the Natadola Bay Golf Course for a round, spectacular views indeed!

On this occasion, we’re staying at The Sheraton, which allows us to use the facilities of all the Sheraton owned resorts which are located next to one another along the coast…and by the time you read this we will have returned from a visit to the Port Denarau Marina…having said all that, we are pretty much ready for bed by 8pm…exhausted from relaxing!

The people of Fiji are so friendly and accommodating, it is always a pleasure to visit, and I’ll certainly be back…but for now it’s back to the poolside (bar that is…!)

PS this post is not sponsored by any of the establishments mentioned, I just wanted to share my trip with you..xo





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