Bonjour from Paris!

eiffel towerI’m here, I’m here, I’m here…well at least I hope I am!

After almost 10 months of saving, studying, saving, researching, saving, dreaming and saving (!?!?), I was due to arrive in Paris on Wednesday and I am so excited for this trip!

Regular readers of The Tax Chic will know that I celebrated my 40th birthday late last year, and this trip forms part of my presents to self…note I said “part of”!

I’ve really been enjoying my foray into blogging via The Tax Chic, and I think it’s this process that has inspired me to explore writing in a different sense, but I am a bit nervous…we accountants usually only work with numbers not words!  So how did I come to be in Paris?

On 16th December 2014, like many Australians, I woke to the devastating news of the overnight tragedy at the Lindt Café in Sydney.  That very same day I received an invitation from the Australian Writers Centre to a Life and Memoir writing course to be held in Paris…and with the message that “life is for living” firmly in my mind – I decided that now was the time.

I’ll be spending 17 days living like a Parisian in an apartment on Ile Saint Louis (with my lovely housemate from Sydney) and I’ll be studying, writing, shopping, eating, shopping, drinking, shopping and immersing myself in the culture as best I can.

Stay tuned for stories from Paris, and feel free to share yours with me too…

Au revoir


2 thoughts on “Bonjour from Paris!

  1. Warnie

    Glad to hear you have arrived safe and sound! Enjoy every minute Bron, looking forward to the slide night and wine time when you return, and yes, we will be drinking French bubbles and eating a statue of baby cheeses!! Xxoo

    1. The Tax Chic Post author

      Oh Warnie, how I wish you guys were here! I hope you got the photos I sent through which were taken just for you…we will recreate a Parisian cafe and my experiences on my return xo


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